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How Forward Planning Could Save You 50% Off the Cost of Your Business and Promotional Gifts

Most people don’t order their business or promotional gifts until the last minute. They normally know months in advance the date their annual conference, the major launch of a new product or their golf day. They plan their marketing and advertising campaigns months in advance. They plan their design of packaging and distribution months in advance. However, they nearly always leave the ordering of a business or promotional gift to about two to three weeks before they want them delivered, WHY?


Obviously a business or promotional gift is not as important as the marketing, advertising, packaging design and distribution part of a project. If they only allowed 12 to 14 weeks they could order products from the Far East and halve the cost of ordering them in the UK or Europe. Especially, if they are ordering large quantities of products.The way to order products from the Far East is as follows:

A) Allow an extra day for your UK business gifts company to get a quote from the Far East because of the time difference.

B) Once you have approved the quote and supplied your artwork, (ideally as an eps file for PC with all fonts outlined), then allow two weeks for the manufacturer in the Far East to print and fly in the sample of the product chosen.

C) When you have approved the printed sample it will Paper Boxes Vietnam  take approximately four to six weeks to manufacture the bulk order.

D) It will then take five to six weeks to arrive in the UK by sea.

E) You can fly them in but this costs far more than sea freight.

F) Customs clearance in the UK normally takes two to three days.

G) Once they have cleared customs they will be delivered to you the next day.

Very rarely you may have the reject the first printed sample. However, you should build this possibility into your planning “just in case”. British Revenue and Customs officers have more powers than the Police and they normally take one to three days to check a ship once it arrives in the UK. However they can take longer and there is not anything you can do about it. If you can allow yourself 12 to 14 weeks forward planning you can save a fortune for the company you work. Think of the “brownie points” you would get from your marketing, sales or managing director if, by your forward planning, you save vast amounts of money for your company

We have an unbeatable “Price Promise”:

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John H C Sullivan – Partner – The Business Classic Collection.

Before John started The Business Classic Collection he spent 20 years working in advertising and direct marketing. He was a partner in a Top 50 advertising agency and Managing Director of a direct marketing agency.

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